Safecoms history & structure

Present structure

Safecoms Cyber Security is a trusted Australian information security consultancy and services firm, founded in 2016 by industry veterans Jack Burton & the late Carl Holden. The company is organised in three divisions:


The centrepiece of the company, Safecoms' consulting division leverages our extensive expertise and industry experience to deliver the full spectrum of information security advisory services including strategic infosec consulting, computer systems & network audits, software source code audits, penetration testing, critical incident response and forensic analysis.


Safecoms' secure cloud services division aims to bring the peace of mind traditionally associated with rock-solid enterprise computing and "secure by design" development methodologies to a range of specific cloud-based services.


We found that clients to whom we have consulted or who have utilised our secure cloud services often ask us to deliver other computing & related services. So we created the ancillary services division to do just that—for existing Safecoms clients only—with the same security-first approach our clients know and value.


Originally Safecoms had an automotive cybersecurity division, which sought new and innovative ways to address the severe cyber-security issues that plague today's advanced automobiles. That division was driven by Mr Holden's unique vision and expertise in that particular specialist field. As such, after Mr Holden's untimely death in 2017, it was no longer viable, so the automotive cybersecurity division was wound up.

Not long afterwards, the ancillary services division was created, to cater to emerging demand in other areas.